Saturday, February 5, 2011


Right now, we are seeing upheavals in Egypt. Mubarak's governance is clearly no longer in his people's acceptance. What i care more is not about him, but what will be of Egypt after him.

Dalam blog Dr. M, dia ada mention something about bagaimana pergolakan seumpama ini mampu berulang jika revolusi yang berlaku hanya sekadar 'menjatuhkan' dan bukan 'membangunkan'.

"Should these revolutions succeed there would be new Governments. But it is worthwhile to remember that change is not always for the better. It is incumbent upon those bent on effecting change to have some idea about the kind of Governments they want. Otherwise they may get the same kind of Governments that they try so hard to be rid off. This is because most leaders upon achieving power would change and would forget the struggles and sacrifices which enabled them to be in power. Power corrupts as we all know." - Chedet

He made a perfect, sensible point. Every revolution leads to another. Every rise has a fall and likewise. All of this if a new government replacing the previous ones are no better than to put their own interest as their priority.

Well, i dare not say more about such issues like this, in fear of the perception of misleading opinions and inappropriate judgements which in any rights, none of us should make. Let's hope for the best to our Muslim brothers in Egypt.

SPM students would recognize this phrase if they read through their Sejarah textbook thoroughly,

"The one who does not remember history is bound to live through it again"
- George Santayana

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