Saturday, February 5, 2011


"Courage is the discovery that you may not win. And trying when you know you can lose" - Tumblrsays
Some may realize that i took this quote from Twitter, or some would be familiar with Tumblrsays that tweets about quotes that much reflect the misery, loneliness, sadness whatsoever pathetic attitudes in our life. Hmm.

Somehow this quote caught my attention. It was meaningful in certain ways. How so?

I guess i am courageous enough to say that i have stopped hoping on the people around me. Reality will spit back into your face, and say, "Dude, whatever it is, you will always be on your own. Stop hanging on to people."

Belajar untuk berdikari. Ingat, yang penting :
  • pertama, kepada Allah
  • kedua, kepada ibubapa
  • ketiga dan seterusnya, semua orang di sekeliling

This is reality. Start working on yourself, by yourself, just for yourself.

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