Monday, February 7, 2011


I am currently studying in Sunway University. Taking this course that i have only heard of the first time after i've finished my PLKN training in March. Association Of Certified Chartered Accountant, or better known as ACCA.

This course, as how this four-letter acronym stands for, reflects a very tough nature of accounting background for students. Being persevere is the only key nature for students to ever 'tame' this subject.

The exams emphasize on our ability at student level to apply accounting methods on real life situation, testing our ability to transform theoretical input into applicable output. And this is the main loophole where most of the students will normally fail at.

My tax lecturer once humorously joked before class,
"ACCA stands for, Again Come, Come Again."

As a typical Malay, of course i can't see the fabric of humor in such joke, but the phrase makes sense. Survivability is slightly, or sometimes, mainly tested when you've signed up for the 'ACCA journey'. Okay, that sounds lame.

Hearing from my seniors when we usually go for a teh tarik break, i've mentally surveyed their experience, knowing most of their friends had succumbed to the 'unfriendliness' of this course, and also knowing that very few had managed to continue till the part 3 of the course.

The sound of that gives me a creep, but nevertheless, i will have to face it somehow. Susah dahulu, senang kemudian. It may take 3 - 5 years of hardship, but the ACCA title promises you good position in good firms later on.

"Job availability is not an issue, but job security should be a major worry."
- Anonymous

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