Saturday, December 24, 2011


3 or 4 years backs, I had my ears set only on a few genres of music, those times my taste were predominantly conquered by the likes of hujan, meet uncle hussain, the strokes and some others to name a few. Before those time? Don't ask.

I went along with time, and yes, time changed me. I slowly practised the principle of being a universal listener, slowly adjusted my ears to a wider range of music (except justin bieber's). It would never dawn on me that I can actually favoured post rock songs.

These are a few bands, I should say, worth listening to :

1. LCD Soundsystem
2. P.G Lost
3. The Rapture
4. The Evpatoria Report
5. Eksi Ekso

They are not comparable to the likes of snow patrol, coldplay or muse of course, but like I said, they are worth listening to.

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