Monday, November 28, 2011


Social network ruins the very foundation of human cohesiveness. Dorsey realise it, Zuckerberg too. What seems to be the good old days of going out mingling with our friends and their friends, are now at the tip of the keyboard.

Along came cyber ethics and morality where we forgot to question ourselves, that, how appropriate is it to flaunt ones' obscene pictures or simple yet, giving away scrutinizing details of ourselves to billions of internet users out there?

How about safety and security? How can we be sure that we are safe from the subtlest form of defamation threat imposed by the internet and its worldwide users? No one can be sure. At a click of a button, we could put someone's life into utter shame, or level them as the godlike figure equivalent to Obama himself.

Let's say, one of the norm nowadays where, teens posting videos on youtube, or pitures on facebook hoping to get the highest views or whatsoever. They believe high views pertain to their popularity in school where most cases have lead to defamation of others.

This is a society that puts no virtual barriers to internet freedom, and worse, without control in the wrong hands.

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