Sunday, July 10, 2011


I recently read a blog post by a friend of mine and told myself, "Finally, somebody made a point."

This is an extract from his article, or should i say, the whole extract of the article :

"I liked that band way before it went mainstream."

"Have you ever heard this phrase before? Or maybe something similar. Well they are usually said by people who are classed by society as "Hipster". Well, to any hipster that is reading this, I only have three words to say to you; "WHAT THE FUCK?" I mean come on, even though you did listen to the band when they were still in their diaper, you do know that they wanted to go mainstream. I mean they may play for passion, but they still need to pay the bills. So without us non-Hipsters, your band would probably be begging for coins outside a shopping mall, or sucking balls in back alleys just to make a quick dollar. So what if I like a song that was played 10 years ago but just listen to it recently. I am sorry if I had a life when the band was starting.

It is not only music that they want to claim that they heard it first. It is also movies, clothing, technology and now even youtube videos. To me it is al bullshit. People have lives. They tend to get a little carried behind. But who are you to judge them. Screw you hipsters. I have screwed your mom way before everyone else did but you dont see me bragging."


Sorry baba aku copy paste article kau. Harap kau tak marah.

This friend of mine made a clear point, which i have had the intention to say before but was refrained because of the fear of 'melukakan hati pihak tertentu'

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