Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I have been absent in Malaysia for the past whole week, which i can perhaps say, too long a period for a trip to India.

India, the land of spices they say.

A week there gave me experience that projects my understanding of the nature, environment, and of course, their culture. Too much to write, but i am not constrained by the limitation of space, it is just laziness that limits me.

What i reckon most of India is, maybe, their regards to the study of science and technology. And most of them understand and speak English quite well too, which i can say, are better than Malaysians as a whole. The Brits had done them quite a favor i guess.

Foreigners are not advised to rent a car should they want to travel there. Indians are damn good drivers, scared me a lot when they drove me around the town. Taxi is a good choice, and touts too, but not their public buses. Never ever.


Their environment and its cleanliness was quite a concern. The pavements smelled of urine, and its a fact. I had to watch my steps carefully as to avoid dog poo, or worse, human peeing site. Likewise, public toilets? Forget about it.

But the Indians were nice, approachable people. Really great people to converse with. Their friendliness may surprise you, as to some, i repeat, some, Indians in Malaysia are quite cold-harded and stuck up. This is not racism, its a fact.

All in all, the trip to India was a great one. Not much problems we encountered along the way. And my father had fun with his 'tut tut' ride, so i guess that's great. Laugh out loud.

(Sorry for any statements that you may find a bit racist in this article. It was intended to no one, and every race has its flaws. So do mine.)

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