Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Kindliness rekindled

Late night studying. Can't believe I'll be going through that phase again. When it comes to knowledge, we humans are at the bottom of the food chain. Don't you think so?

However, I'm not inclined to make another pointless babbling of the endless, never-ending chapter of another tiring college exam period. Last night, I decided to study in one of the auditoriums made available for students during the exam month. Apart from a few Arab lads chatting with the we-run-the-town attitude, everything else seems fine and bearable.

What stood out was actually this one particular girl who was studying with her bunch of friends. Its not that she's pretty or anything (One of her friend is actually pretty cute with that Korean-looking resemblance), but what happened afterwards was.

She and her friends left the auditorium approximately one hour before I did. When the guards came knocking for their daily chores of masa-untuk-menghalau-budak, I packed up to leave. Then I stumbled upon a purse lying on the floor. I did not know what went through my mind, but I quickly put it into my bag.

"Hey I found a purse. Let's take the money and buy ourselves some Gucci bags"

Now this was the part where syaitonirrojim came to my ears and whispered,

"Take it!"

Before you judge me, please go through the remainder of the story alright? 

I got into the car and started the engine. And till then I remain undecided about what to do with this purse. That guilt feeling started to beleaguered me like the first time you lied to your parents when you sneak out. I mean, we all do that right?

I always remind myself about karma. Buat baik dibalas baik, buat jahat maka buruklah balasannya. So I browsed through the purse, looking for a number. Found a sim pack so I made a few calls. At first nobody answered, then a text message came ;

"Who is this?? why did u call my 012?"

Thank god the owner texted back. I carefully arranged my words and told her that I was the person studying behind her and that she left her purse there bla bla bla. So we agreed to meet up at her residence so I can hand her the purse personally. (If its a guy I don't think I would do this). Btw, there she was, standing at the gate in her pyjamas.

I handed her the purse, she asked for my name as how a normal first meet up would be. Couldn't tell whether she was shocked or relieved at that time. (And maybe sad also to know the guy who saved her purse wasn't that handsome as how she might thought).  

Okay skip everything altogether. What I felt afterwards was this eccentric sense of joy and glad that I controlled myself from committing a foul act, and that I managed to help a person in trouble (A cute girl if I should add). 

"Come and let's be good to each other"

After what you've read, don't judge me for bragging about me helping a helpless girl whatsoever. What I'm trying to say here is I realized that it wasn't that hard to constrain yourself from doing bad things. You just have to find a trigger in that smart brain of yours to know that if you do bad, it will come back to you eventually.

So, let's come and spread the love and kindliness that we thought the society has now lost. Because it hasn't. 

-No love is lost-


  1. amboih sufri. Bukan setakat muka nya sahaja yang handsome, orangnya pun mulia

  2. Harap maaf kalau aku terpoyo dalam post ni.

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